Coke Development

Goals for 2021

At the beginning of 2021, I set a couple of woodworking goals for myself:

  1. Build 50 items out of wood.
  2. Build 10 new, substantive items. These can’t be boxes, cutting boards, or anything that’s easy or repetitive. They have to be unique items that are newly designed.

Since it’s April and we’re now more than a third of the way done, I’m taking stock of the items that I’ve built thus far. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures for everything, but I will try to include pictures of the finished product where they exist.

Completed projects

  1. Douglas fir console table
  2. Cherry shoebench
  3. Purple heart, cherry, and poplar cutting board (gifted to Bill)
  4. Cherry coffee table
  5. Simple bedside box (beech)
  6. Magnetic knife block (beech)
  7. Live edge coat hook made from California Bay Laurel
  8. Maple, chherry, walnut cutting board (gifted to Peter and Patrice)
  9. Outdoor couch (white oak)
  10. Modern coak hook (beech)

I’m a little bit behind with only 10 completed items, but I do have a bunch of small projects queued up and ready for completion. Still, I have to finish some more pieces to get back on track.